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LEO Backhaul Constellation

BeetleSat is a newly formed LEO Ka-band telecom constellation, enterprise powered by NSLComm and Arquimea.


BeetleSat relies on NSLComm's experience in satellite design and operation and its cutting-edge large-aperture expandable antennas enabling more than 10 times the bandwidth of traditional antennas with lower CAPEX.

Arquimea provides over 15 years of experience in the engineering and production of space-qualified components and systems, with over 30,000 parts supplied in the frame of ESA and NASA missions.


BeetleSat's non-terrestrial telecom infrastructure targets satellite operators and global service providers wanting to extend their customer engagement into a high-performance LEO satellite telecom layer supplementing their own operation with a ubiquitous, low-latency, cost-effective, multi-gigabyte telecom platform. 



LEO Backhaul Constellation

powered by NSLComm and Arquimea


Phone: +972-76-5392200

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