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The Technology

NSLComm is an innovative Israeli space-tech company that has developed and launched to space a unique, flexible antenna and communication system designed for LEO small-satellite constellations, now widely recognized as the ideal global platform for addressing the growing need for ubiquitous and high-speed connectivity.

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Figure: NSLSat-1, launched 5 July 2019

NSL's proprietary system design enables high-throughput communication coupled with substantial cost savings (up to 10 times) as compared with other large or other small telecommunication satellite systems.


The achievable bandwidth NSL’s proposed system delivers is about 100 times that of today's best performing Nano Satellite, whilst needing much lower mass and volume.


Business Model

Today, around 100 LEO constellations are either planned or in the process of manufacturing, at an estimated overall revenue potential exceeding $60 billion. Perhaps the largest challenge future operators face is the CAPEX sum needed to cover the cost of manufacturing, launch and thereafter their constellation maintenance.

Figure 2: Constellations Announces Since 2012

Using NSLComm proprietary technology enables reduction of the satellite weight & launch volume, thus making it possible to reduce the CAPEX of each conceived constellation by a factor of about 10, resulting in an immediate economic benefit for the enterprise seeking to fund its constellation construction and launch.

Figure 3: Maintaining Market Potential with a Significantly Reduced CAPEX Exposure

Business Engagement Model

NSLComm is open to work in a very flexible partnering structure with its customers, from the formation of a JV with a service provider on the one hand to the supply of its communication systems on the other.


To date NSLComm has signed a number of MOUs that envisage different engagement models, each one tailored to its specific multinational customer's needs.

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