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Smaller for Launch Larger for Operations

Our Flexible Reflector

Once released, the main reflector expands to the desired diameter, and its built-in shape memory polymer is automatically calibrated to achieve the required performance. The large aperture antenna is made of advanced materials, with a near zero thermal expansion, suitable for the harsh environment of space.

The FlexoSub

A flexible subreflector, mounted on a rigid base with multiple control points. Using a unique adaptive error correction system to compensate for reflector surface errors, the FlexoSub optimizes and "shapes’" the surface of the main reflector. This highly advanced, patented technology provides the payload flexibility that satellite operators need to keep up with today’s frequently changing markets.

  • Supercharged bandwidth - up to 10X (GEO) and 100X (LEO)

  • Adaptive in-orbit footprint control

  • Significantly lower stowed mass and volume

  • Lower price per bit to the end user

  • Fast market growth

nslcomm main reflector
nslcomm flexosub

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