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Israeli Company, NSLComm, Plans Second Satellite Launch for The Internet of Things

NSLSat-1 launches in July aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket. ROSCOSMOS

An Israeli space startup promises that its second satellite will offer a lot in a small package.

NSLComm's newly announced NSLSat-2 will eventually form part of a network of nanosatellites meant to monitor assets from space in many industries, such as oil, shipping and agriculture. NSLSat-2 will launch within six months, joining another satellite called NSLSat-1 that flew to orbit in July.

Despite its small size, the new satellite has proprietary technology allowing the antenna to store up neatly during launch, saving on mass and volume requirements and thus reducing launch costs. And once it deploys in orbit, NSLSat-2 can monitor sensors embedded in shipping containers or on oil pipelines, creating a vast tracking network based on the Internet of Things.

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