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NSLComm is super excited to welcome our newest member to the board of advisors, Mr John Hines!

John has years of experience at NASA AMES in the implementation design and launch of the first NASA CubeSats and was a pioneer of small satellite payloads in NASA.

In his over 40 year career, John has made innovation and education a top priority and has a proven track record in those areas.

We are delighted to have John join us in an advisory role, John will assist the company in our payload development and qualification strategy and provide insight into future technologies.

Welcome John!

Hines:" I find the NSLComm small satellite KA band Antenna and system to be very innovative and developed by a group of highly motivated and talented people. I am happy to advise this team and excited to support them, particularly leading up to the upcoming launch of NSLSAT-2 later this year"

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